Help Youth Who Suffer From Depression or Bipolar Disorder

Good Dreams is pleased to introduce the Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation, a new partner in our voters coalition and most recent addition to the Good Dreams Team. Passionate caring people like the ones you are about to meet, help to paint the picture of what we are about.

The Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation (CABF) improves the lives of families raising children and teens living with bipolar disorder and related conditions. For more information about their mission, visit

Here are some comments from parents who have been helped by CABF:

The emotional support that I have felt from my CABF friends over the years has helped to validate my feelings, when some of my siblings could not understand this illness and I felt alone.  As a mother and wife to family members who struggle with the daily challenges that a bipolar diagnosis brings, I continue to receive constant encouragement and innovative ideas from others at CABF.  I’m deeply appreciative to be a member of such a caring and supportive organization!


I found out about CABF two years ago and I honestly don’t know how I managed for six very difficult years before that without the wonderful advice and support I receive from the teen/young adult transition support group. I was so overwhelmed on a daily basis with handling a teenage son with bipolar, ADD, anxiety, and OCD, I was barely coping with daily life and keeping our family (including a younger teenage son) together. The support group has been a lifeline to me, and I can’t wait to check in on all my list-mates on an almost-daily basis. I consider them very close friends, even though I have only met one of them in person.


The insightful advice, non-judgmental support, and information on various resources and medications I have gotten from this group has been better than anything we’ve received during years of therapy, because it comes from people who “get it,” and who have been there and done that and learned the hard way what works. Having empathetic mothers (and the occasional dad) always available and willing to be a shoulder to lean on has made me feel so much less alone — and less like a “bad” parent — than I ever did before.


I wish I had looked into CABF many years ago, when we first started our journey with a bipolar diagnosis. I think it would have saved us all a lot of misery, and I would have known a lot better how to handle my son earlier on.


I found CABF over a year ago.  Prior to finding this group, there was no support for me or my family.  More questions than answers.  Then I found CABF, where the group is warm, caring and always rallies to help with the latest question or concern for my son.  I can honestly say, without CABF support, I would still be running in circles.


After four years of struggling with my daughter’s behavior, having reached out to everyone I knew to reach out to, my counselor began thinking my daughter might be bipolar and recommended the CABF site to me.  I have learned so much from the site and the members of my on-line support group.  When days and/or nights were darkest, I could turn to my on-line support group at any hour, who always knew what I was going through, were there for me every time with wise words to help guide me.  In just a little over a year, our lives have been turned around for the better and I could not have done it without CABF and their members.  No one else gave me the guidance I found here.  What I learned here I shared with doctors to help get my daughter stable.  I would have thought the doctors would know the information, but I found it to be not so.  I will forever be greatful the those who make the CABF site happen and the many families who put their own troubles aside to help struggling families

Thank you and God bless you!

  • Help Youth Who Suffer From Depression or Bipolar Disorder :: :: Text 104174 to 73774

    Vote4tenGoodDreams Here you can use all Facebook Apps, get all text #’s and access the multi-project link on Pepsi, All on one page!

    Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation

    820 Davis Street, Suite 520

    Evanston, IL 60201

    847-492-8510 Fax: 262-512-2792

    CABF on Facebook

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    POP! Arts ~ Enrichment Through the Performing Arts

    “POP teaches core life lessons; respect, hope and responsibility using a proven lesson plan that delivers its message through the performing arts. POP! empowers at-risk-youth by teaching them the skills they need to avoid risky behaviors, weaving together our guiding themes of respect for self, family and community, which have been shown to help students make healthy choices, with mentoring and inspiration from the finest teachers and artists in Dance, Music and Theater in our region.”

    Ballet Arts:

    The Performing Arts Center of Southern Westchester is a comprehensive program of performing arts education in Pelham, New York, the product of our work in the field for the past 33 years. A key to our success is the vast talent pool in the region, remarkable professionals who have achieved important success. Among our staff of 28 are representatives of The Joffrey School, The Metropolitan Opera Company, active performers on Broadway, Dance Theater of Harlem and other internationally recognized institutions. We conduct enrichment classes in four public school systems in the area.

    We built our first studio outside Albany, New York in 1977. In 2000, we built our studio space in Pelham. As mentioned, a key to success is access to extraordinary talent from the New York area for our teaching staff. Sally Williams, who has performed over 5000 times in Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, coaches voice. Before returning to Ireland, Eileen Martin, who was the female lead of “Riverdance” for seven years, directed the Irish Step staff.

    These immense talents come to us because we conduct a competent and caring professional school of dance and music education. Our guiding philosophy is one of nurturing and building self-esteem while building confidence and an appreciation of the Arts.


    Our core curriculum is comprehensive, featuring instruction in all styles of dance and movement and is culturally diverse by design; Latin, African, Chinese, Ballet, Jazz, Irish Step, Ballroom, Tap, Modern, Lyrical, Character, Flamenco, Folk Dance and Hip Hop.

    Instruction in heath maintenance programs includes Pilates, Yoga, Belly Dancing and Zumba.

    Private voice and instrument lessons are conducted by specialists of exemplary skill and achievement.

    Performing Arts camps are active year round, providing exposure to all facets of Dance, Voice, Movement and Theater.


    Program Reach- Healthy Respect:

    For the past two years we have been primary providers to Program Reach, an enrichment facility active in 11 Yonkers schools. Our teachers are on call to conduct movement classfor children who could otherwise not participate without economic assistance. At the core of the program are the same fundamental guideposts by which we approach all our students; to provide an environment that builds self esteem, poise and confidence. The literature is very complete as to the benefits of early exposure to dance and music for the young student. In the curriculum guide book developed by the New York State Education Department entitled “Curriculum for the Arts” a powerful case is made that children who participate in such activities from a young age are much better students in mathematics and the Sciences later in their academic career.


    We have been affiliated with BOCES as a provider of instructors and class content for over 14 years.

    Residencies:  Ballet Arts conducts residencies in the Pelham Union Free District Schools


    • Master’s School Dobbs Ferry
    • Ursuline Middle School
    • Sts. John and Paul
    • Pearls Hawthorne School
    • DiChiara School
    • DeHostos School
    • Enrico Fermi School
    • Robert C. Dodson School
    • Montessori of Yonkers
    • PS 23 Yonkers
    • Scholastic School
    • Prospect Hill School
    • Siwanoy School
    • Colonial School
    • Hutchinson School
    • Isaac Young Middle School

    Community Service

    Our students and teachers appear on stage as often as twelve times per year in local assisted living facilities as part of our community outreach initiative.

    Public Private Initiatives

    Ballet Arts is a founding member of Friends of the Performing Arts in Pelham. As choreographic consultant and dance coach to the Sock N’ Buskin production of “Chorus Line”, Ballet Arts contributed to this production’s Helen Hayes Award for Best Musical.


    Centre Stage Group LLC as the holding company for Ballet Arts and Centre Stage is  active in regional theater as producer of original musicals; provides small market press and public relations, business development consulting and script and treatment editorial services

    Original Productions

    Joy to the World

    “Ballet brings Christmas Joy to Pelham”

    Peter Kramer: The Journal News

    “Zephyr’s Pond”

    “ZEPHYR’S POND” is a delightful tale about a special dragonfly and her musical friends of the pond.

    “I was enchanted. Zephyr’s Pond is a wonderful tale with a great message. It is entertaining and magical for children as well as parents.”

    Melina Kanakaredes; Actress “CSI-NY”


    Contact: Sheran Daniele  |

  • POP! :: Open POP! Performing Arts Outreach Camp Program for Underserved Kids :: Text 100843 to 73774

    Good Dreams Website:

    Good Dreams on Facebook:

    Chris Daniele  |

    914 738 8300   |  914 906 1300

    504 Fifth Avenue, Pelham NY 10803

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    Obesity Costs, Exercise Should Not!

    Live! From Movement Matters!

    A Little History

    If 1 in 10 American adults started a regular exercise program, the nation would save $5.6 billion in heart disease costs each year.

    Movement Matters’ slogan is ‘Obesity costs, exercise should not’. We offer all of our fitness classes completely free to all firefighters, police officers, active & retired military. For our community we offer free wellness and nutrition lectures taught by local doctors and quality fitness classes that are affordable. For those members of the community that can not afford our classes we have our Love Program where they can participate in fitness classes and get healthy for free.

    Over the past four decades, obesity rates have soared among children of all age groups, increasing nearly five-fold among those ages 6-11. Today, nearly 25 million children are overweight or obese. Experts believe that if obesity among children continues to increase, our current generation of children will become the first in American history to live shorter lives than their parents. I find that statistic very alarming.

    From working in the fitness industry for the past 3 years I have watched in silence as membership prices soared and my clients had to leave due to the cost. I decided to do something. In March of 2010 Buss Fitness was formed as a sole proprietorship. No contracts required, free classes for fire & police in our city and low cost for everyone else. We operated out of a day care after hours and had a few kettlebells, some dumbbells and a stereo. Our following began growing over the summer as word of mouth about our affordable classes spread. In July of 2010 we decided that if we wanted to help more people get affordable fitness classes, we would have to think bigger! The planning for our own studio began. We changed the name to Movement Matters: Health & Fitness and became licensed with the state as an LLC.

    Our new studio will be opening in January 2011!

    We Love Our Community!!

    Military, Fire & Police

    Those that are willing to give their lives for us, deserve more than we can give in return. I, Christen, have Air Force on my mothers side, Army on my fathers side, my father is a retired police officer, I have close relatives that are active in law enforcement, and my little brother is a firefighter as well as my husband.

    I highly respect those people that chose to devote their lives to keep others safe and free, therefore I REFUSE to charge them for classes. If you are active military or retired, law enforcement or fire fighter please enter our civil service membership site HERE to learn more about our free classes and discounted personal training packages!

    Love Program – Obesity costs, exercise should not!

    We understand that times are hard right now and not everyone can afford to join a gym or recreation center. Movement Matters wants everyone to have the opportunity to live a healthier, better life! Our Love Program is designed to help people that want to become healthier and enhance their quality of life. If you are unable to afford our basic monthly membership fee of $35 you are eligible for our Love Program.

    The donation goes directly towards our building and maintenance costs. A donation of $15 per month is recommended but not mandatory, a donation of any amount will always be accepted!
    About our studio

    From the time you enter our studio, you will know that we are different! Everything from the disco ball down to the specially designed floor, which is made of Zenterra, screams that you are in for a great workout!

    Zenterra is the first bamboo flooring created exclusively for group exercise and is designed with athletics in mind. The construction of Zenterra has been rigorously tested under DIN specifications (the most effective way to evaluate sports floors) and is the ONLY bamboo sports floor that meet’s is criteria! This floor is unique because each board reacts independently and allows them to flex individually upon impact, thus absorbing the shock and making the workout easier on your feet, knees and hips!

    Our studio uses a professional DJ quality sound & lighting system. With our dance fitness classes (Booty Beat & Zumba) you will get the full party experience, complete with a disco ball and club lighting! We want you to dance and feel like you are in a club, not a fitness class!!


    Christen Buss

    ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor

    SCW Certified Personal Trainer

    SCW Certified Yoga Teacher

    Flirty Girl Certified Booty Beat Instructor

    Zumba Licensed Zumba Instructor

    Zumba Licensed ZumbAtomic Instructor

    Jason Buss

    ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor

    SCW Certified Personal Trainer

    Zumba Licensed Zumba Instructor

    TRX STC Trained Instructor

  • Buss Fitness :: Open a Free Group Fitness Studio in Northfield Ohio for Nordonia Hills :: Text 102869 to 73774

    In The News

    Movement Matters is the grant recipient in October of Intuit’s “Love A Local business”! You can continue to support them by visiting Intuits website and leaving a nice comment about Movement Matters and their role in the community. These people are dedicated to health and YOU!

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    Butterfly Kisses Special Needs Playgroup

    This is my son Chance and I on a hayride at a school field trip one day. I held the camera in front of us and took it NOT knowing if it would come out or not. But to my relief it did and is one of my FAVORITE photos to this day.

    As I wake Chance up in the mornings, I must first change his diaper, clean him up and give him his meds before his day event starts. IF he is having a good day he will get up and play, usually looking at books or watching Wiggles.

    Why not outside? Living in South Ga. the weather is quite hot throughout the year. Chance doesn’t sweat and get’s overheated easily and will go into seizures. He also has Cerebral Palsy and is difficult for him to walk or play at long intervals without becoming tired so he is in a wheelchair when in Public. There is not any handicap accessible playgrounds in our Community.

    I am trying to CHANGE THAT. I’m asking for everyone’s help in VOTING for our Project in the Pepsi Refresh Grant.

    Some days I start to think……….the things he will never do.

    do homework

    roller skate

    play football

    go on a first date



    drive a car

    go to college, get married, have children, have a career, buy a new home.

    He will always live with us and we will always have to wake him up, change his diapers and give him his meds every single day for the rest of his life.

    This is the story of a lot of children! Please help US to make a difference and give them somewhere for them to enjoy LIFE as only THEY CAN!

    You can Vote 3 ways every day.

    1. Sending the free text Text: 103013 to Number: 73774
    2. Via the Pepsi Refresh website with an email address
    3. Via your Facebook login

    About Butterfly Kisses:

    Butterfly Kisses is a self-funded community program created by a Mom of a child with Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy. Butterfly Kisses is a monthly playgroup for all Special Needs (any type of physical/mental disability or handicap) children to come together in a safe environment to laugh, play and create memories with other families in the community.

    It is Traci Henry’s ultimate goal to create an outdoor playground for children of all physical/mental disabilities to play on.  Children have the right to have a facility and or area to play in that is safe and compatible to their physical needs.  Traci is passionate and will NOT stop until every play area in her community has a handicap accessible swing.

    Wow. Can you imagine every community having a mom that did this? I can. And every community would have the special needs of these gifted children easily met. This would be the truest meaning of no child left behind.

  • Butterfly Kisses: Special Needs Play Park :: Text 103013 to 73774

    Traci Henry

    DBA  Photography by Traci Henry

    Founder, Butterfly Kisses Special Needs Playgroup


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    Bringing Ghana to the midwest- one drum at a time.

    I knew as an eleven year old that I would be a music teacher.  I loved the challenge of music – I loved expressing myself through music – I loved the teamwork involved in music.  To me there are few things as wonderful as making music with people you care about.  To this end, I adore my job teaching music to elementary school students.

    I discovered Ghanaian music while I was attending a World Music Drumming workshop in the summer of 2001.  It was instant love– love of the music, love of the teaching style, and love for the teacher, Sowah Mensah.  My relationship with this music can best be shared by including the afterward I wrote for Sowah’s most recent publication.

    In addition to the sheer joy that this music brings into my students’ lives, it also teaches them teamwork and cultivates a sense of community.  They watch each others’ hands, figuratively leaning on each other, as they         pull together to weave their often seemingly simple patterns into something far bigger and far more complex than they themselves are alone.  Seeing their sense of awe and accomplishment as they hear and feel the parts         coming together are the moments teachers dream of.

    The music Sowah has taught me speaks to me like no other music has… and it has touched my students’ lives as well.  I have witnessed students that did not get along AT ALL work together, watching each others’ hands playing.  Such is the magic of this music.  To hear some, visit  I teach my students “Gourds Galore”.  I’ve taught former students in other schools “Bawa”– but I don’t have xylophones in this school, so my current students don’t have the opportunity to play it.

    Why Milton Pope School?  In all honesty, I don’t want to be teaching full time right now- I have a young daughter, and I’ve treasured by time at home with her before she headed to kindergarten this fall.  This 2/5 teaching job is perfect for me right now.

    Why this grant for Milton Pope School?  Marseilles is a very blue collar community.  Nearly half of my students are on the free/reduced lunch program.  99.1% of them are Caucasian.  Let me repeat that:  99.1% are Caucasian.  They NEED diversity in the worst way.  I guarantee that several of my students hear overtly racist things at home, so bringing in a strong, positive African-American role model could be life-changing for some of my students.  In my mind, the commissioned piece and the instruments we could get would be icing on the cake.  The life lessons my students would take from Sowah are the most important to me.  Music is just the vehicle to get the lessons to them.

    Heather Francis

    Milton Pope School

  • Milton Pope School :: Commission a piece by an African-American composer for my students. :: Text 102804 to 73774

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    SWOOP ~ Strong Women Organizing Outrageous Projects

    SWOOP Your Support for these amazing women, really making a difference to people in need!

    Something about me and SWOOP:

    I started volunteering with SWOOP in 1997 and was hired as the part-time Co-ED in 2006. My other job…I own a design/build firm specializing in green residential design. I have been involved with sustainable/ecological design since the early 90′s. NCSU Grad.. Hobbies: love to sea kayak and fish, spend time with my family, play the drums, have 3 dogs and 2 to finish building my green house…Pepsi stuff gets in my way…never have time to ride my motorcycle..

    The passion that drives me and the time I give to SWOOP in the Pepsi Challenge is simple, if SWOOP does not win 25K more than likely SWOOP will be forced to close its doors.

    SWOOP has never received a major grant. The majority of financial support comes from our volunteers, small business sponsorships, and fundraisers. Very slow since the economy sank!  SWOOP has spent the last 14 years helping other non-profits support their programs and individuals in need…thus making it impossible for SWOOP to receive a grant to help other programs.  The wheelchair ramp program will be run by SWOOP allowing us to seek larger grants for a SWOOP program.  If we win 25K this will allow us to build 8 ramps and to sustain ourselves while we write grants with our partnering agencies. We have a waiting list…we could easily build 50 ramps a year.

    SWOOP IN THE NEWS!   Carolina Woman Magazine

    Group Spotlight


    “We serve the Triangle through the collective power of women working together to make a difference in the lives of others.”
    Q Describe your group in one sentence.
    A SWOOP is great hearts working together to serve the community and inspire hope.

    Q What’s your organization’s mission?
    A To provide community service through short-term labor and support to meet otherwise insurmountable community needs in the spirit of cooperative sisterhood.

    Q How is that accomplished?
    A We bring together 40 to 120 hard-working, joyful and well-organized volunteers to tackle a problem. SWOOPers gather once a month eight times a year to complete these projects.
    Now more than 1,100 strong and a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we serve the Triangle through the collective power of women working together to make a difference in the lives of others (and ourselves).

    Q What’s the group’s history?
    A SWOOP unofficially began in September 1996 in the aftermath of Hurricane Fran in Raleigh. Several friends emerged from their debris-strewn houses and yards and banded together to help one another clean up the mess.
    These women quickly discovered that, although the work was tough, they were totally invigorated by the power they felt by cleaning up a place that, when they had arrived, had looked devastated.
    They decided they enjoyed working together so much that they started “swooping in” to do outrageous, one-day clean-up projects about once a month, and formally named themselves “SWOOP.” Their numbers grew as friends told friends, who told friends.

    Q Who joins?
    A SWOOP strikes a chord with women who want to give back to their communities in a very hands-on way. Men occasionally join us on our projects.

    Q Why get involved?
    A SWOOP projects are typically completed in one day. We make a large impact in a short period of time.
    SWOOP work days are very well-organized; SWOOPers can show up on a Saturday morning and see impressive results by the end of the day. In many cases, volunteers have the opportunity to meet or work side-by-side with the individuals they are helping.
    Volunteers are not required to have any specific skills. And, we also need people to help with website programming and database management.

    Q What do members/volunteers do?
    A Project work may include interior/exterior painting, cleaning, carpentry repair, the building of wheelchair ramps and fences, the creation of community gardens, neighborhood clean-ups and landscaping maintenance.

    Q What’s happening in the next few months?
    A We are in the process of finalizing partnerships with several North Carolina agencies that have a need for wheelchair ramps to serve their clients. The first year of Ramp It Up will serve individuals with a severe illness, those who have suffered a stroke or spinal cord injury, and senior citizens with mobility limitations.
    For more information about voting to help us win a $25,000 grant for this work, please visit our website:

    You can Help SWOOP and Partners simply by voting.  VOTE today and every day, EVERY WAY you can!  Try these Facebook Apps.

    SWOOP needs your votes.   Great hearts working together to serve the community and  inspire hope  ::  Text 102191 to 73774
    Movement Matters: Health and Fitness’ founding purpose is to provide all military, fire fighters and law enforcement officials with free fitness classes  :: Text 102869 to 73774
    Milton Pope: Bringing Ghana to the midwest- one drum at a time ::Text 102804 to 73774
    Butterfly Kisses: Special Needs Playgroup :: Text 103013 to 73774

    Please navigate to our Big 10 VOTE November to find all the Facebook Voting apps., text numbers and links to all Good Dreams projects on a quest to make the world a better place. Your votes will help make this a reality. PLEASE EXERCISE ALL OF YOUR VOTES!  And come join us on Facebook, we are growing fast!

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    Good Dreams Blogspot

    Good Dreams Welcomes You!

    Good Dreams Awaken Today

    Good Dreams Sunrise

    Dreaming together in a field of words coalesced, we see the sunrise and know, today is the day to awaken the dream.

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