Butterfly Kisses Special Needs Playgroup

This is my son Chance and I on a hayride at a school field trip one day. I held the camera in front of us and took it NOT knowing if it would come out or not. But to my relief it did and is one of my FAVORITE photos to this day.

As I wake Chance up in the mornings, I must first change his diaper, clean him up and give him his meds before his day event starts. IF he is having a good day he will get up and play, usually looking at books or watching Wiggles.

Why not outside? Living in South Ga. the weather is quite hot throughout the year. Chance doesn’t sweat and get’s overheated easily and will go into seizures. He also has Cerebral Palsy and is difficult for him to walk or play at long intervals without becoming tired so he is in a wheelchair when in Public. There is not any handicap accessible playgrounds in our Community.

I am trying to CHANGE THAT. I’m asking for everyone’s help in VOTING for our Project in the Pepsi Refresh Grant.

Some days I start to think……….the things he will never do.

do homework

roller skate

play football

go on a first date



drive a car

go to college, get married, have children, have a career, buy a new home.

He will always live with us and we will always have to wake him up, change his diapers and give him his meds every single day for the rest of his life.

This is the story of a lot of children! Please help US to make a difference and give them somewhere for them to enjoy LIFE as only THEY CAN!

You can Vote 3 ways every day.

  1. Sending the free text Text: 103013 to Number: 73774
  2. Via the Pepsi Refresh website with an email address
  3. Via your Facebook login

About Butterfly Kisses:

Butterfly Kisses is a self-funded community program created by a Mom of a child with Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy. Butterfly Kisses is a monthly playgroup for all Special Needs (any type of physical/mental disability or handicap) children to come together in a safe environment to laugh, play and create memories with other families in the community.

It is Traci Henry’s ultimate goal to create an outdoor playground for children of all physical/mental disabilities to play on.  Children have the right to have a facility and or area to play in that is safe and compatible to their physical needs.  Traci is passionate and will NOT stop until every play area in her community has a handicap accessible swing.

Wow. Can you imagine every community having a mom that did this? I can. And every community would have the special needs of these gifted children easily met. This would be the truest meaning of no child left behind.

  • Butterfly Kisses: Special Needs Play Park :: Text 103013 to 73774

    Traci Henry

    DBA  Photography by Traci Henry

    Founder, Butterfly Kisses Special Needs Playgroup






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