Obesity Costs, Exercise Should Not!

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A Little History

If 1 in 10 American adults started a regular exercise program, the nation would save $5.6 billion in heart disease costs each year.

Movement Matters’ slogan is ‘Obesity costs, exercise should not’. We offer all of our fitness classes completely free to all firefighters, police officers, active & retired military. For our community we offer free wellness and nutrition lectures taught by local doctors and quality fitness classes that are affordable. For those members of the community that can not afford our classes we have our Love Program where they can participate in fitness classes and get healthy for free.

Over the past four decades, obesity rates have soared among children of all age groups, increasing nearly five-fold among those ages 6-11. Today, nearly 25 million children are overweight or obese. Experts believe that if obesity among children continues to increase, our current generation of children will become the first in American history to live shorter lives than their parents. I find that statistic very alarming.

From working in the fitness industry for the past 3 years I have watched in silence as membership prices soared and my clients had to leave due to the cost. I decided to do something. In March of 2010 Buss Fitness was formed as a sole proprietorship. No contracts required, free classes for fire & police in our city and low cost for everyone else. We operated out of a day care after hours and had a few kettlebells, some dumbbells and a stereo. Our following began growing over the summer as word of mouth about our affordable classes spread. In July of 2010 we decided that if we wanted to help more people get affordable fitness classes, we would have to think bigger! The planning for our own studio began. We changed the name to Movement Matters: Health & Fitness and became licensed with the state as an LLC.

Our new studio will be opening in January 2011!

We Love Our Community!!

Military, Fire & Police

Those that are willing to give their lives for us, deserve more than we can give in return. I, Christen, have Air Force on my mothers side, Army on my fathers side, my father is a retired police officer, I have close relatives that are active in law enforcement, and my little brother is a firefighter as well as my husband.

I highly respect those people that chose to devote their lives to keep others safe and free, therefore I REFUSE to charge them for classes. If you are active military or retired, law enforcement or fire fighter please enter our civil service membership site HERE to learn more about our free classes and discounted personal training packages!

Love Program – Obesity costs, exercise should not!

We understand that times are hard right now and not everyone can afford to join a gym or recreation center. Movement Matters wants everyone to have the opportunity to live a healthier, better life! Our Love Program is designed to help people that want to become healthier and enhance their quality of life. If you are unable to afford our basic monthly membership fee of $35 you are eligible for our Love Program.

The donation goes directly towards our building and maintenance costs. A donation of $15 per month is recommended but not mandatory, a donation of any amount will always be accepted!
About our studio

From the time you enter our studio, you will know that we are different! Everything from the disco ball down to the specially designed floor, which is made of Zenterra, screams that you are in for a great workout!

Zenterra is the first bamboo flooring created exclusively for group exercise and is designed with athletics in mind. The construction of Zenterra has been rigorously tested under DIN specifications (the most effective way to evaluate sports floors) and is the ONLY bamboo sports floor that meet’s is criteria! This floor is unique because each board reacts independently and allows them to flex individually upon impact, thus absorbing the shock and making the workout easier on your feet, knees and hips!

Our studio uses a professional DJ quality sound & lighting system. With our dance fitness classes (Booty Beat & Zumba) you will get the full party experience, complete with a disco ball and club lighting! We want you to dance and feel like you are in a club, not a fitness class!!


Christen Buss

ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor

SCW Certified Personal Trainer

SCW Certified Yoga Teacher

Flirty Girl Certified Booty Beat Instructor

Zumba Licensed Zumba Instructor

Zumba Licensed ZumbAtomic Instructor

Jason Buss

ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor

SCW Certified Personal Trainer

Zumba Licensed Zumba Instructor

TRX STC Trained Instructor

  • Buss Fitness :: Open a Free Group Fitness Studio in Northfield Ohio for Nordonia Hills :: Text 102869 to 73774




    In The News

    Movement Matters is the grant recipient in October of Intuit’s “Love A Local business”! You can continue to support them by visiting Intuits website and leaving a nice comment about Movement Matters and their role in the community. These people are dedicated to health and YOU!

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