SWOOP ~ Strong Women Organizing Outrageous Projects

SWOOP Your Support for these amazing women, really making a difference to people in need!

Something about me and SWOOP:

I started volunteering with SWOOP in 1997 and was hired as the part-time Co-ED in 2006. My other job…I own a design/build firm specializing in green residential design. I have been involved with sustainable/ecological design since the early 90′s. NCSU Grad.. Hobbies: love to sea kayak and fish, spend time with my family, play the drums, have 3 dogs and 2 chickens..garden..trying to finish building my green house…Pepsi stuff gets in my way…never have time to ride my motorcycle..

The passion that drives me and the time I give to SWOOP in the Pepsi Challenge is simple, if SWOOP does not win 25K more than likely SWOOP will be forced to close its doors.

SWOOP has never received a major grant. The majority of financial support comes from our volunteers, small business sponsorships, and fundraisers. Very slow since the economy sank!  SWOOP has spent the last 14 years helping other non-profits support their programs and individuals in need…thus making it impossible for SWOOP to receive a grant to help other programs.  The wheelchair ramp program will be run by SWOOP allowing us to seek larger grants for a SWOOP program.  If we win 25K this will allow us to build 8 ramps and to sustain ourselves while we write grants with our partnering agencies. We have a waiting list…we could easily build 50 ramps a year.

SWOOP IN THE NEWS!   Carolina Woman Magazine

Group Spotlight


“We serve the Triangle through the collective power of women working together to make a difference in the lives of others.”
Q Describe your group in one sentence.
A SWOOP is great hearts working together to serve the community and inspire hope.

Q What’s your organization’s mission?
A To provide community service through short-term labor and support to meet otherwise insurmountable community needs in the spirit of cooperative sisterhood.

Q How is that accomplished?
A We bring together 40 to 120 hard-working, joyful and well-organized volunteers to tackle a problem. SWOOPers gather once a month eight times a year to complete these projects.
Now more than 1,100 strong and a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we serve the Triangle through the collective power of women working together to make a difference in the lives of others (and ourselves).

Q What’s the group’s history?
A SWOOP unofficially began in September 1996 in the aftermath of Hurricane Fran in Raleigh. Several friends emerged from their debris-strewn houses and yards and banded together to help one another clean up the mess.
These women quickly discovered that, although the work was tough, they were totally invigorated by the power they felt by cleaning up a place that, when they had arrived, had looked devastated.
They decided they enjoyed working together so much that they started “swooping in” to do outrageous, one-day clean-up projects about once a month, and formally named themselves “SWOOP.” Their numbers grew as friends told friends, who told friends.

Q Who joins?
A SWOOP strikes a chord with women who want to give back to their communities in a very hands-on way. Men occasionally join us on our projects.

Q Why get involved?
A SWOOP projects are typically completed in one day. We make a large impact in a short period of time.
SWOOP work days are very well-organized; SWOOPers can show up on a Saturday morning and see impressive results by the end of the day. In many cases, volunteers have the opportunity to meet or work side-by-side with the individuals they are helping.
Volunteers are not required to have any specific skills. And, we also need people to help with website programming and database management.

Q What do members/volunteers do?
A Project work may include interior/exterior painting, cleaning, carpentry repair, the building of wheelchair ramps and fences, the creation of community gardens, neighborhood clean-ups and landscaping maintenance.

Q What’s happening in the next few months?
A We are in the process of finalizing partnerships with several North Carolina agencies that have a need for wheelchair ramps to serve their clients. The first year of Ramp It Up will serve individuals with a severe illness, those who have suffered a stroke or spinal cord injury, and senior citizens with mobility limitations.
For more information about voting to help us win a $25,000 grant for this work, please visit our website: www.swoop4u.org.

You can Help SWOOP and Partners simply by voting.  VOTE today and every day, EVERY WAY you can!  Try these Facebook Apps.

SWOOP needs your votes.   Great hearts working together to serve the community and  inspire hope  ::  Text 102191 to 73774
Movement Matters: Health and Fitness’ founding purpose is to provide all military, fire fighters and law enforcement officials with free fitness classes  :: Text 102869 to 73774
Milton Pope: Bringing Ghana to the midwest- one drum at a time ::Text 102804 to 73774
Butterfly Kisses: Special Needs Playgroup :: Text 103013 to 73774

Please navigate to our Big 10 VOTE November to find all the Facebook Voting apps., text numbers and links to all Good Dreams projects on a quest to make the world a better place. Your votes will help make this a reality. PLEASE EXERCISE ALL OF YOUR VOTES!  And come join us on Facebook, we are growing fast!

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2 Responses to SWOOP ~ Strong Women Organizing Outrageous Projects

  1. Bobbi Sauls says:

    SWOOP…I was introduced to SWOOP in 2007 and it has been one of the best things to happen to me. This group is amazing….these women (mostly) come together on a Saturday, tools, rakes, shovels and paint brushes in hand, laughter and love in their hearts and the work day begins. It does not matter if they have never met you, they become a quick friend. I already knew how to work with a lot of tools, but I still learned some new skills, met and made some wonderful new friends and found muscles I did not know existed. SWOOP is dedicated to helping people/families that need assistance and do not know where to turn. SWOOP depends on grants, donations and outside help and that is where YOU come in. I do not even want to think that SWOOP will one day not exist if the funding is not there. The women involved in SWOOP come from all walks of life, bringing to the work day their indidual skills, the desire to learn new ones, eagerness to work hard , pride in doing a good job and LOTS of laughter and fun at a job site. To continue to operate though, SWOOP needs money and that is where YOU come in – VOTE VOTE VOTE and donate to SWOOP. Everybody will suffer in some way if SWOOP no longer exists.

  2. Lisa Wilson says:

    Thank you Good Dreams for supporting SWOOP in November and helping make our Ramp It Up! program come to life. During the upcoming year we will share our stories with you as we begin our new journey in 2011!

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