Good Dreams is a nesting ground for charitable visions, passionate acts of giving, and the people who bring good dreams to life. Good Dreams is powered by the synergy of human kindness and people’s desire to guide and lead each other to a higher level of community and teamwork.

Since April of 2010, Good Dreams has helped secure funding for 29 noble ideas, a total of $1,330,000 through a coordinated campaign of voter support in various internet based grant gifting programs. A complete roster of past winners can be found here.

Our efforts to source funding for worthy causes is ongoing, we are working every day to lend our support to the initiatives we care about the most. And we ask you to do the same. Take a minute and become part of the movement making a difference all across our nation. Presently we have three projects competing in Pepsi Refresh that are in need of your support. Please vote. You will also find a complete list of partners and text numbers here.

Here we are blogging our dreams as a way to journal publicly and with lucid transparency. It is our goal to manifest these dreams and inspire you to join in with us. There is great power in numbers. The time is right for this. So right. So visit our blog or our website often for inspiration and join us in Facebook! We look forward to sharing and supporting your dreams!

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  1. You got my support. Leading other to the higher level is also what I represent as founder of Tiki Taka Futbol Academy. Great job, keep it up.

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