Good Dreams Mission

Good Dreams is a nesting ground for charitable visions; Passionate acts of giving, and the people who bring good dreams to life. Good Dreams is powered by the synergy of human kindness and people’s desire to guide and lead each other to a higher level of community and teamwork.

In Nov, we won another $100k in grants for Good Dreams!
Congratulations Movement Matters (25k), SWOOP (25k), and Butterfly Kisses (50k)!

So far the Good Dreams team has won $1,430,000 for charitable causes!

Just like the power of the Sun that leads us into every day…..

A good dream is like a beautiful sunrise. It is a floating landscape of what a day may bring largely depending on what you decide to do with it. “It”, being the dream, or the day. It is full of light, magic, wonder and excitement. Any good dream is an inspiration to do your best at whatever endeavor your heart and soul has brought to your awareness; your wakefulness. Any good dream can also be an inspiration to others. A good dream is full of hope and beauty. It is supported by the love of your family and friends. It is given to your potential to reach your highest good, but it requires action.

This Dreamers Blog is the beginning of one action where many dreams have come together in unison. It is a symphony. This Dreamers Blog is the beginning of something very perpetual, and hopefully, equally compelling. It is about every one of us and each and all of you. Simultaneously, sequentially or serendipitously; This blog can and will be about anyone who dares awaken a dream into conscious reality. The words shared will be the building of a dream castle breaking ground on the morn of a most beautiful sunrise. The cornerstones themselves are carved by the very courage it takes to become lucid; the dream then built with the creativity and passion needed to take action.  The foundation of  our sunrise dream castle will be set by those who dared come forth in vision with an openness of heart to share these dreams of  hope for a better world.

In and by our collection of dreams we hold space for;

Good Dreams Awaken Today
Good Dreams Sunrise

We’ll be back with more from our quiet partners.

They do not sleep but dare to dream and awaken the dream in us all.

You can do this too.


Everyone to Dream

And Dream again.

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