Good Dreams Grant Competitors

Vote for our big 5 for November!

Please vote for all FIVE.

How To Vote:

Vote On the Pepsi Refresh website:

Vote For Bridget Gallagher width=

Vote For Bridget Gallagher

Vote For Deep Listening Institute

Vote for Deep Listening Institute

Vote For Epilepsy Foundation of Florida

Vote For Epilepsy Foundation of Florida

Vote For Skip Program

Vote For The Skip Program

Vote for Attachment and Trauma Network, Inc.

Vote for Attachment and Trauma, Inc.

Double our votes! Text in a vote!

Send a text TO: 73774

For the text MESSAGE insert:

109641 (to vote for Bridget Gallagher)

109773 (to vote for Attachment and Trauma, Inc.)

109866 (to vote for Deep Listening Institute)

109788 (to vote for Epilepsy Foundation of Florida)

109303 (to vote for Skip Program)

These must each be done in separate messages.



    Good Dreams partners have won Pepsi Refresh 33 times so far!!!

    Your daily votes are critical to our success. Thank you for your support!

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